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State Maharashtra
Country India

Any open medium like doors, windows, balconies and food items are entry mediums for the flies. Flies carry many pathogens (virus, bacteria, protozoa, helminthes egg etc.) and transmit diseases like cholera, diarrhea tec. & also infection to skin wound.Citi Pest Control in Warje, Kothrud, Hadapsar, Koregaon Park and Viman nagar in all over Pune offers flies control service to help you to protect your family and premises from the nuisance that keeps buzzing around you. However, there are some species of flies that aid health risks to the humans. Children and elderly people at the facility are at a great risk of conducting the diseases like food poisoning due to fly contaminated food. Harmful bacteria’s usually gets stuck on their mouth parts and foot pads and eventually they are exposed to the food that we might consume. 

Flies carry several bacteria’s or pathogens that remain stuck on their mouth and foot pads and which transmits on the food when they settle down on to it. Flies are also capable to grow their breed rapidly hence, if they are ignored may lead to contaminate the happy environment of a home, business or a facility. To control flies infestation it is very necessary to take proper hygiene and sanitation measures to keep your surrounding clean. The main goal in sanitation is to eradicate the medium where larvae of files will develop. It is very much important to keep your surroundings clean from garbage and animal waste in order to keep away adult flies. 

Citi Pest Control offers flies control treatment to eradicate flies infestation and protect you by creating hazard free environment. Our herbal treatment includes Anti-maggots, Baiting, Trappina, and the Space spraying fogging which are 100% safe for the health. We provide complete solution on fly infestation and ensure that you live in a safe and hazard free environment. Our team of experts will protect you from the flies and offer you a safe, clean, effective and reliable solution for pest control in Warje, Pune.


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