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Strong news!!!

CryptoTab come!!

Using GOOGLE browsers, you can dig bitcoin!

Also support the 10 generation of dynamic income!

No matter at home, in the company, in the Internet cafe, as long as a Google browser, you can quietly dig bitcoins!!!

The dynamic monthly entry of NTL!

Operation process:

Copy any of the following links to any browser on the computer. It must be a computer.



After opening the page, click the button of DOWNLOAD (chart below) to start downloading the special mining browser.

The software is about 44.3 MB in size. After downloading, press two clicks to open it.
If you encounter a virus report, click reserve, or turn off the anti-virus software before downloading.

After downloading and opening, it is a process navigation. After pressing one step, click the round logo in the upper right corner. The bitcoin logo on the main page turns, and it proves that the mining is started.

The following is an important step: bind accounts, not bind words, once the computer can not boot, the previous work is abandoned!!!

Bound account pipe: click the three horizontal bar in the top right corner of the mine page, pull it down to the bottom until you see, Facbook, tweet Twiiter, Google G+, VK, four media buttons, arbitrarily registered bindings, so you can enter a mine on any computer.

This step is very important and must be well operated.

For assistance, please add my WeChat yeswecan2015 remarks: Browser mining.

In the process of mining, the Mining off in the lower right corner is closed, MAX is the largest, according to the speed of computer self regulation.

How do you put it out?

Click on the three bar at the top right corner of the page and click WITHDRAW BTC.

Input bitcoin address and quota (minimum 0.00001 mention, if you do not meet the minimum amount can not show the port.

Click WITHDRAW again

It is usually half an hour to get to the account.

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