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Methods for Manufacturing Credit Card Spending

Here are some methods of consideration for manufacturing credit card spending. Some methods are more scalable than others, so be strategic in your planning.

Funding bank accounts with a credit card

Funding bank accounts is the easiest manufactured spending method out available. It is fast and safe. You can only do this so often so choose your spots wisely. Here is how the process works:

  • Research banks that allow you do to the initial funding
  • Doctor of Credit has a pretty comprehensive list of bank accounts that can be funded with a credit card, including the limits and which credit cards have been reported to treat these as cash advance.
  • Once the funding is complete and you have your new checking account. Go to your bank and set up that checking account as a payment option.
  • Once you have your payment option set up, pay off the entire balance of the credit card.
  • Close the newly opened account. If the bank asks why, just cite that it was too inconvenient.

Certain banks will want to charge you an early termination fee. Try to get that waived if possible. If not, do not close the bank account and try to call back in later with a different rep and close the account. Most times they will just close it and forget to mention the fees associated with it. Use this method wisely as it is one of the only ways for free manufactured spending. Other methods cost nominal amounts of money.

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