Christian Borgoglio, the gifted musician behind NickTheBeat’s

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Today we\’ll introduce Christian Borgoglio, the gifted musician behind NickTheBeat’s electrifying guitar riffs


Nick met Christian in 1990 while they were involved in a Christian/Gospel band. For Christian, this was a time in which he was becoming more and more passionate abut guitars. After 2 years, Christian followed his own path moving towards his first steps in local music groups.


Since then, Christian has performed in numerous Metal festivals here in Italy, giving him incredible exposure performing live. In 2000, he became the guitarist for Power/Metal band “Morgana” (not to be confused with Morgana of “C’est Cupidon” fame ah ah ah), playing on their studio album entitled “Angel” for the European and South American markets.


Christian considers his some of his favorite artists to be:

Joe Satriani

Steve Vai

Steve Lukater

Van Halen

Scott Henderson

Richie Kotzen


Currently Christian is a member of “Gasoline Shot”, a Hard Rock cover band ranging from Motörhead to Guns N’ Roses.

They can be followed on Facebook at

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