Exterior Paint Cost Westchester County NY

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The cost of an exterior home paint job begins at several thousand dollars and can surpass $10,000. As a result, homeowners want to know what to reasonably expect.  We provide an estimate of our guaranteed work that remains valid for thirty days. Our painting estimate is driven by:

  •   – Square footage – drives labor hours and quantity of paint
  •   – Prep work – power wash for thorough cleaning, patching, and priming
  •   – Repair work – replace damaged siding, trim and repairs
  •   – Paint material quality – luster, sheen and solvents
  •   – Finishing or needs dictated by climate or design
  •   – Siding material – for example, stucco, brick, wood, or vinyl
  •   – Trim detail – shutters, fascia, awnings
  •   – Topography – are surfaces hard to reach or easily accessible
  •   – Levels – requires ladders, lift or additional material

A quality job begins with having a “good surface”.  A good surface means clean, stable or cured (in the case of stucco) and will entail washing, sanding, repairing, and removing splinters, mildew, or other problems.  Priming with a high quality sealer enhances surface consistency for paint adhesion.  In other words, even though you may not see “prep” work, it is the underpinning for the excellent paint job that you do see.  We have found that using two coats features the paint color best and makes the job last longer and it is why we offer up to 4 years warranty.

Exterior Painting Estimates in Westchester, NY

While the variables for your specific job may combine in an atypical fashion, we’ll lay out some pricing estimates to give you a sense of what to expect.
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