Most Memorable Bar, Tavern, Lounge, Pub – Call it what you may.

State Indiana
Country United States

We take a look at some of the most distinct zones that we lovingly categorize as watering holes. From White Horse Tavern in Rhode Island to BlueBird Café in Nashville, we explore some quirky some ritzy and some plain ol’ beer joints that carry one common characteristic. They are sure to make your day and rejuvenate your sense after a hectic day at work or home. Check out these bars, taverns, and lounges. Knowing about these exotic bars will help you soon plan your next holiday or short break away from the mundane routines.


The Travel Authority

702 North Shore Drive, Suite 300

Jeffersonville, Indiana


United States

Phone: 877-297-1515

FAX#: 502-379-8090

Toll-Free: 1-812-949-4949

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